NAATI Cancellation Policy

NAATI Cancellation Policy

The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) persistently revises their policies regarding the assessment tests for the accreditation of translators and interpreters in Australia.

NAATI representatives review the guidelines from the previous year and execute the amendments to provide better services to those practitioners and applicants affiliated to their programs.

NAATI has proposed an amendment to its system this year as well. These changes are under implementation as of 1 July 2020 and will be valid until 30 June 2021 as per the notice published. We will be discussing these updates here in this article.

The critical modifications in this year can be observed in the fee structures. In particular, I would like to illuminate here on the fee allotted for recertification.

Any accreditation from NAATI is validated for three years after which the certification will expire. After the three years, period practitioners can extend the validity of their credentials for further three years, by applying for recertification.

To meet the recertification criteria, translators and interpreters need to provide evidence of work practice and professional development during the three years tenure.

If the above mentioned criteria are met, then candidates can become recertified once an application is lodged and the payment is made for recertification. NAATI has dropped the charge allotted for recertification to $AUD 99 this year, which used to cost $AUD 198 previously.

Click on the above link to learn more about other fees applicable from NAATI.

Within the fee schedule, NAATI has incorporated the policy for rescheduling and cancellation of the NAATI tests and the conditions for refunding of the test fee under their enlisted terms.

Should you be unable to appear the exam on the lodged date, then you are required to abide by these terms for the rescheduling or cancellation of the assessment test.

However, you are only recommended to withdraw from the NAATI assessment tests under an unavoidable circumstance with valid reasoning for that matter. This requires an application for test cancellation to be sent in writing format to for approval from NAATI.

All the candidates of the NAATI tests as well as the applicants for recertification and recognition programs are applicable for rescheduling or cancelling the NAATI tons per the Cancellation policy of the organisation. This also includes those candidates appearing in the Community Credentialed Language (CCL) test.

In its updated policy for Cancellation, NAATI has stated following new codes for rescheduling and cancelling the exams.

Cancelling Test

In-person Test

NAATI tests held in person within the premise of their test centres have the same policy applies for cancellation as its previous protocol.

  • NAATI will withhold the testing fee if a cancellation is requested in the five weeks window from the actual test date. This means that, if a cancellation request is received within five weeks of the test date (35 days or fewer), the cancellation fee is 100%.
  • In other cases, for the cancellation before five weeks or more from the test date (35 days or more), 25% of the test fee is charged as the cancellation fee – 75% of your payment will be refunded.

NAATI tests conducted in person are not sensible during this global crisis. Any form of human interaction entails the risk of being the medium for causing the virus to spread any further.

With the priority concerned towards the health and safety of the candidates, NAATI has suspended all of the face to face accreditation exams held in the physical presence of the test candidates since 30th of March, 2020.

However, NAATI has announced the in-person Certified Provisional Interpreter and Certified Interpreter testing will be recommencing from the 13th of July, 2020.


Online Test

Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, NAATI has introduced an Online testing format from April of this year, concerning the regulation of credentials from NAATI.

In its first phase, online tests have been implemented to assess those candidates from the CCL test. Along with that, NAATI has put out their intention to include the option for online tests for other NAATI exams as well.

In further notice, NAATI has announced to conduct all of the future CCL exams online from now onwards.
This implies candidates can now appear in the CCL test from any part of the world. So the CCL candidates do not have to be in Australia to apply for the assessment test.

For those overseas candidates, who want to obtain the NAATI CCL credential can apply now and take advantage of the online tests to save triple the expense necessitated from travelling to Australia to take the exam.

Candidates appearing in the CCL online test has the cancellation policy differing slightly from the in-person test as such:

In the circumstance that online test candidates require cancellation of the online exams within a week (7 days or less) before the actual date of the exam, the cancellation fee is 100% of the test fee, and no refund of the test fee will be received upon cancellation.

Likewise, for the online tests, cancellation more than one week (7 days or more) before the test will receive a refund of 75% of the test fee upon submission of the refund form. In that case, 25% of the test fee is charged as the cancellation fee.

Rescheduling Test

Cancellation of the NAATI tests will annul your application to reappear in the test using the same login credentials. This implies, for reappearing in the exam, a new application is to be submitted again.

Only in the circumstance of a prominent degree, should the candidate apply for the test cancellation.
In another case, NAATI approves one-time rescheduling of the NAATI test through the myNAATI portal by submitting a viable date, at least three weeks before the test date.

Rescheduling the NAATI test means you can postpone the test date to another day. NAATI should be informed beforehand regarding the withdrawal from the test date.

Candidates should be clear that if one fails to attend the test, it will be considered as a cancellation in which case the candidates can acclaim no refund.

NAATI Tests Amid the Pandemic

At the outset, NAATI is aware of the inconvenience that has been caused by the imposed lockdown. Addressing this pandemic, as of now, all face to face tests have been put on hold until NAATI publishes any further notice.

As for the online tests, due to the environmental crisis, NAATI has made alterations to its rescheduling and cancellation policy.

From this perspective, those candidates booked under the online test can reschedule their test up to 1 week before test day by themselves with no penalty through their myNAATI portal.

Muchmore, given the circumstances, if a candidate has flu-like symptoms until 8 am on the day of the test; they can reschedule the test without any charges applicable, provided that evidence or a medical certificate is presented to the institute.

Furthermore, test cancellation upto a day before the test will be accepted during the lasting of this pandemic, where the candidates will receive a 75% refund of the test fee upon completion of the refund form.

The link to the cancellation and refund form is linked below:

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