What is NAATI CCL exam?

NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for translators and Interpreters), a non-profit company jointly owned by the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, is the national standard and certifying authority for translators and interpreters in Australia.

CCL (Credentialed Community Language) test, known as the CCL test, is an assessment of language abilities at the community level. On clearing this examination you get 5 PR points which will further take you closer in getting Australian PR.

What is the fee for the CCL test?

You should pay AUD 800 including GST to appear in the CCL test.

Where can I give the CCL test?

To give the CCL test, you must be present in Australia. NAATI test centers are at Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, and Sydney.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now online and you can give the exam from wherever you are.

How long does it take for a result to be published?

This process takes about eight weeks.

Your test result will be sent via e-mail.

How the test is marked?

Your Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test will be independently marked by a minimum of two examiners. Each dialogue is marked out of a total of 45 points. In order to pass you need to score at least 29 points for each dialogue, and at least 63 out of 90 overall.

How long is NAATI valid for?

NAATI CCL results are valid for three years from the date of issue. After your test has expired, you cannot use it to claim CCL points.

What is the minimum passing marks for NAATI CCL?

In order to pass you need to score at least 29 out of 45 for each dialogue and score at least 63 out of 90 overall.

How to book the test date?

The NAATI CCL application form must be filled in online via the link provided ( Individuals will also need to attach a passport photograph and a scan of an appropriate identity document (e.g. passport) to apply.

Can we change the test date, if yes what is the procedure?

Test sessions are closed 21 days before they are held. This means you cannot reschedule a test session within 21 days of your selected test date. You would need to withdraw your application and pay a cancellation fee, which will apply regardless of the reason, including illness. If you withdraw your application and want to sit a CLA test in the future you will need to reapply by submitting an application online. The following cancellation fees apply:
● Full refund: Application withdrawn within 6 months of submitting it and there are more than 21 days before your test date.
● 25% of test fee: Application withdrawn after 6 months of submitting your application and there are more than 21 days before your test date.
● 50% of test fee: Application withdrawn within 21 days (or less) of your test date.
● 100% of test fee: No attendance at selected test date without providing written notice to NAATI (to at least 1 business day prior to the test. (source: NAATI’s official website)

Can I change my test location?

Yes, you can by logging into the site but you will not be guaranteed an earlier test session by changing your test location.

Can I change my test language?

Yes, you can change it. For that, you should email your request at You must include the test language you originally applied for, the test language you wish to change to, and your customer number in your email.

How many times can we change the test language?

You can only change your test language once.

Do I need online coaching?

It depends entirely on your confidence level. It’s up to you to decide but the ones who took online classes have been able to score well from the last report. As the tutors are experienced and can provide you with guidance on how to approach the dialogs.

How do online classes work?

After you enroll in our class, you get to schedule the time as per your convenience. Then, we will send you the class link before your class.

Which language do you provide the class for?

Currently, we provide classes for Nepali, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, and Punjabi.

Which course should I take if I have less than a month’s time?

It really depends on how many hours you can spend each day, and also on your previous language skills. If you want our unlimited guidance and resources to excel in the NAATI CCL test, then join our unlimited course.

Why do people fail the test?

People often prefer shortcuts to pass the exam thus totally depending on online videos without any intent to use logic often makes them fail.

What if I need more time to access the course materials, will I need to pay for a time extension to access my reading materials?

To access your course materials, you will not have to pay for the time extension just provide us with your NAATI CCL proof of registration and we will extend the availability of the course materials for you.

How is the mock test conducted?

If you want to sit on the mock test then you must at least tell us a day before and we will send you the class link. It’s one on one session between the tutor and the student.

Can I download the materials?

You can access the materials online but the download is strictly prohibited.

For how long will the reading materials be available to me?

It totally depends on which package you choose.

Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

We don’t have a money-back guarantee but if you choose our unlimited course then we shall teach you until you pass the CCL test.

Can I contact my teacher at another time than class time?

Yes, you can contact your teacher at any time. Plus we also have a group in Telegram and WhatsApp where you can interact with other students.

What happens after the trial expires?

You can log in and select your preferred plan, and purchase the appropriate package/plan for you.

Do you guarantee that I will get the desired score in the exam?

We don’t want to mislead you with a pass guarantee but we commit helping you prepare for the exam. Just follow the guidelines and practice the resources provided to get a good score in the test.

Will I receive ongoing support?

Yes, you can still contact your instructor even after your classes are over.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Our chat assistant is always there to guide you. However, you can reach us during office hours at or +61480027107.


What our learners has to say?
  • I had a very fruitful learning experience with CCLHUB. The course is resourceful with constant supervision and right guidance. What I admired best was the prompt response and support to our questions and dilemmas. I prepared for a month where I practiced the dialogues in the course, participated in online group sessions which were very productive. I definitely recommend CCLHUB to the aspiring test takers.

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    On top of it, in comparison to all other courses in the market it’s the most affordable, flexible( practice anywhere) and gets you the result.

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    HANISH BASNET (68/90)
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  • CCLHUB is a great online platform for the students who cannot make it to the face to face classes because of their busy schedule. Moreover, its a language test. Therefore, it is more than enough if you practice dialogues and learn appropriate and related vocabularies for your Naati CCL. CCLHUB is a place from where one can get all the help and materials to clear CCL in the first attempt.

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    AMRIT SHARMA (73.5/90)
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  • Fantastic. Great for NAATI CCL coaching. The course content is excellent. The courses are designed and delivered in such a way that any student would get out of it what they are willing to put in. Their practice material is good, both vocab and practice tests are a great help. Huge thanks to CCLHUB team.

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    PRAKASH MALAKAR (66.5/90)
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